Rainbow Online Reporting (ROR)

36 lakhs future citizens are living on the streets in our country….

Rainbow Homes are Comprehensive Care Homes for the girls on the streets. These care Homes in functional schools are secure and joyful to develop her talents in order to lead an independent life with dignity.

Our Reach

2638 Children
29 Homes
7 Cities
in India.

Recognized By

Govt.of India and Included in the National Educational Policy(SSA)

Recommended By

TATA Inst.of Social Science as a model of care for children formerly on streets

Referred By

As the Best Practice example By Save the Children NGO

We are proud of
22 Partners
in India

  • BOSCO Bangalore
  • APSA
  • Sanihita
  • CRDS
  • LSN Foundation
  • Asritha
  • Balatejassu
  • Auxilium Navajeevana
  • Vidyaranya
  • Holy Spirit
  • BGVS
  • Essay writing Service

Latest Updates

His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited our children in Delhi on the 7th of December 2013. Children and Teams from different cities received His Holiness Dalai Lama blessings and participated in different programs enthusiastically from 6th Dec 2013 to 9th Dec 2013

Anna Dhara Friends for Food to serve with dignity and share the values the values that nourished your life Annadhara campaign was launched on march 31st by cini and TV artist Jhansi


"The best ideas are simple. Provides shelter street children in school. That was the beginning. Meanwhile, the thousands of children much more than that. Their bright eyes say more than a long story"


"A highly reputable and reliable organization that highly efficient education, shelter and education supplies to underprivileged street children. The concept developed at minimal cost, in my view unique"